How does this work?

  • You call me and tell me what you want to learn to do or what you’re having trouble with. We agree what sort of help you’d like. I will usually show you the things you want to know, get you to write up notes as we go and then get you to show me how you do things. We do things you want and need to do, at your pace.
  • Minimum charge is one hour but you can have a little or as much as my time as you need – on a one off or a regular basis.
  • I can come to see you if you’re close to Truro or Redruth, or you can come to see me if you’re happy to travel to Callestick. Or we can talk over the phone or over Skype.
  • I charge an hourly rate – usually £20 per hour – agreed in advance, and I charge by the hour. I usually invoice at the end of each month and you have 14 days to pay my invoice by BACs, cash or cheque.
  • All hours are agreed between us before I start working with you so that there are no horrible surprises for you at the end of the month.